Ecology/Art Expedition Survey: Phase 1. With Scott and Ene Constable

, 2002


Ecology/Art Expedition Survey: Phase 1, with Scott and Ene Constable, Sonoma County, CA, USA. 2002


A day-long bus tour of Sonoma County's organic farms, historic communes and a Permaculture garden.


Napa Valley and Sonoma County are rural areas that are becoming increasingly gentrified through the burgeoning gourmet and organic food industries and the wine industry in particular. Ironically the ecological impact of this expansion on the area is a developing problem yet to be fully addressed.

During the tour Arthur Dawson, a local historian, provided a regional historic perspective; Robin Grossinger and Elise Brewster of the San Francisco Estuary Institute provided scientific mapping and information about local aquatic systems.


This event was part of the exhibition Utopia Now! (And Then), The Sonoma County Museum, Sonoma, CA, USA. 2002. Curated by Marina McDougal. 




Sites Visited


Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

the Permaculture Institute of Northern California

Hog Island Oyster Company

Bob Cannard's Farm